We take pride in the high quality of our lace products. Our stringent quality control measures include rigorous inspections during various phases of the production cycle. All orders are accompanied by both a spec and quality control sheet with highly trained technicians regularly verifying accuracy, performance and excellence are being achieved.

During the knitting phase, each web of every style is subject to a dye test and all elastic goods undergo a hand stretch examination. These tests are conducted on each web in the greige and on a boiled off sample to ensure elasticity and yarn usage are within your specifications. Following production, all goods are personally scrutinized inch by inch to isolate, remove, or flag goods that fall below our rigid levels of satisfaction. After each of these inspections has been passed, all goods are carefully packaged prior to shipment.

These benchmarks ensure our customers take delivery of superior lace products which meet or exceed their vision.

Examination Table


  • Whether you have a finely tuned concept ready for production or require complete product development services, our highly trained design staff can help you achieve even the most complex pattern.